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4/2/2012  Session 26

3/26/2012  Webcast Session 25

The video below is from academicearth.org, a website that provides online courses from the world's top scholars, for free.  Even if you are unable to attend an Ivy League school, you have access to the lectures and can learn from the top professors from the top universities around the world. 

The video features the legendary investor Carl Icahn speak to a class at Yale University about his career and how he became interested in finance.

Watch it on Academic Earth

3/19/2012  Webcast Session 24

To view the videos on this webcast from the original source, go to:

Moneyweek video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTmNJAobXeg&feature=related

Investopedia videos:  http://www.investopedia.com/video/all#axzz1pbVxuqX2

3/05/2012  Webcast Session 23

2/27/2012  Webcast Session 22 - Jeffrey Sanchez, Dupont's ROE, Industry Chart, Investor Relations Analyst

2/21/2012  Webcast Session 21 - Ridge Hayashi, ROE, Insider Transactions, Lincoln

2/14/2012  Webcast Session 20 - Bradley Smith, Equity Multiplier, Parabolic Systems

2/06.2012  Webcast Session 19 - Cris Borden, Asset Turnover, OBV, Pacific Crest

1/30/2012  Webcast Session 18 - John Price, Cash Conversion Cycle, CMCI, Muni Bond Analyst

1/23/2012 Webcast Session 17 - GET YOUR SESSIONS REVIEWS DONE!

1/16/2012 Webcast Session 16 - Brandon Azuma

01/09/2012 Webcast Session 15 - Derek Oyama, Current Ratio, BTST, Fund Accountant

12/05/2011  Webcast Session 14 - Brandon Cheong, Profit Margin, DMI, Associate Analyst

11/28/2011 Webcast Session 13 - Dr. van Deventer, Operating Margin, Williams %R, Junior Trader

11/21/2011 Webcast Session 12 - Karl Fooks, Gross Margin, Stock Pitch Overview, PE Junior Analyst

11/14/2011 Webcast Session 11 - Robert Robinson, PCF, Stochastics, Merchant Banking Analyst

11/07/2011 Webcast Session 10 - Cassie Park, PB, RSI, Goldman Sachs

10/31/2011 Webcast Session 9 - Ryan Tanaka, Earnings, Floors, Equity Analyst

10/24/2011  Webcast Session 8 - William Sutter, Price, Bollinger Bands, IT Position

10/17/2011 Webcast Session 7 - Robert Howe, P/E Ratio, MACD, UBS

10/9/2011 Webcast Session 6 - Cory Nakamura, P/E Ratio, Price Graph, Analyst Position

9/26/2011 Webcast Session 5 - Coverage Area Summary, Basic Chapter Site Navigation, Repeat Session 2's "How to select stocks for the portfolio"

9/19/2011 Webcast Session 4- Completing the New Trade Recommendation Form

9/12/2011 Webcast Session 3- Attendance & Participation, BBAT Reports

9/06/2011 Webcast Session 2- How to select stocks for the portfolio, How to enter trades into Bloomberg

8/29/2011 Webcast
 Session 1- Dylan Zheng, Price-to-Earnings, GP2, Goldman Sachs