After the Meeting

To help you complete all required duties and prepare for the next meeting, use the Post-Meeting Checklist below:

  Complete the Session Review
  Perform research to make new trade recommendations and/or make changes to current positions
  Work towards meeting the goals of the Yearly Action Plan
  Submit a New Trade Recommendation and/or Current Position form
  Submit a Coverage Area Summary form after the PM distributes the BBAT report
  Print out any of the forms on the Trade Recommendations page you need for the Fund Meeting
  See all Analyst duties explained in-depth here

  Send the BBAT report after 3pm each Friday
  Enter trades for the week into Bloomberg
  Update the New Trade Recommendations and/or Current Position form with actions taken
  Review trade submissions, take notes, prepare questions for the next Fund Meeting
  See all PM/APM duties explained in-depth here

 Chapter Officers
  Ensure that all members:
           Know when the next meeting is
           Have submitted the Session Review
           Know what they need to do before the next meeting
           Ensure that the President has provided the Secretary with member participation scores
           Ensure that the Secretary has recorded the Attendance & Participation scores
  Continue working to complete the Monthly Chapter Goals Progress Report to be presented at the meeting during the first week of each month
  Continue working on meeting the goals of the Yearly Action Plan
  See all Chapter Officer duties explained in-depth here