Discussing Old Business

1.       Old Business – The President opens the floor for discussion of any business discussed but not concluded during a previous meeting.

The President says:

“The floor is now open for discussion of Old Business – are there any items to discuss?”

If yes, any member wishing to discuss Old Business rises and addresses the President by saying:

“(Madame / Mr.) President.”

And waits until recognized by the President before speaking.

President recognizes the person requesting the floor:

“(Madame / Mr.) X now has the floor.”

The person requesting the floor makes the motion:

 “(Madame / Mr.) President, I move that we move the weekly meeting from Wednesdays to Mondays.”

President says:

“A motion to move the weekly meeting from Wednesdays to Mondays has been recognized.  Does anyone ‘second’ the motion?”

If there is no second, the motion is lost.

If motion is “seconded” by another chapter member, the President places
the motion before the membership for consideration and action by saying:

“It has been moved and seconded that we move the weekly meeting from Wednesdays to Mondays."   

The President recognizes the person initiating the motion to speak.

 (Madame / Mr.) X you have the floor to discuss your motion.”

The person initiating the motion discusses her / his reasons for bringing the motion to the floor.

“I would like to move the meeting from Wednesdays to Mondays because half of us have business internships on Wednesdays but Mondays are free.”

The President then recognizes anyone else wishing to speak on the motion at hand.

“Would anyone like to comment on the motion on the floor?”

All comments and debate are directed to the President.

The mover may speak again only after other speakers are finished, unless called upon by the President.

The President then puts the motion to the floor for a vote:

"Are you ready to vote on the question?"

If there is no more discussion, the President then calls for the vote:

 "All those in favor say Aye."  The Secretary tallies the votes in favor.

"All those opposed say Nay." 
The Secretary tallies the votes opposed.

In the event of a tie, the motion does not pass.

The Secretary announces the results of the vote:

"Madame President, the vote on the motion is X Aye’s and X Nays.”

The President announces the results of the vote on the motion:

“The (Ayes / Nays) have it, the motion is (passed / not passed).” 

The President asks:

 Is there any other Old Business to discuss?”

If yes, start from beginning of this section.

If no, the President says:

“This concludes our discussion of Old Business.  The next Agenda Item is New Business.”