It shall be the Treasurer's responsibility to report the chapter’s fundraising activities and progress towards achieving the yearly Fundraising Goal at the first meeting of each month.
Each Chapter's annual Fundraising Goal is $7,500.
To achieve the Fundraising Goal for the chapter, the Treasurer should:
  1. Engage ten Community Sponsors at a minimum of $750 each per year
    • Compile list of likely sponsors in collaboration with chapter members 
      • Tip: Try to include individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations that have some kind of connection with your chapter members or your school
      • Avoid using the word donation, instead describe it as a sponsorship or partnership
      • Focus on how the sponsoring entity will benefit, through things such as marketing, increased brand awareness, etc.
    • Enter potential sponsor contact information into the Sponsor Database
    • Send email to notifying staff of your completed list of potential sponsors so they can print your Sponsor Letters and matching envelopes
    • AFA Staff will send your printed Sponsor Letters and envelopes to your chapter advisor
    • Upon receipt of the printed Sponsor Letters, have the President sign each letter before mailing out
  2.  Record fundraising results into the Sponsor Database
    • At the end of each month, AFA Staff will send you a report of all sponsor donations received for your chapter
    • Log into the Sponsor Database and update the donating sponsor's record with Amount Received and Date Received
  3.  Receive and report the chapter's financial position to the members as described in the "Chapter Treasury" section of this website.
During the first week of each month as scheduled by the President, the Treasurer will meet with the other chapter officers to report progress against the Fundraising Goal achieved during the previous month and submit the Monthly Chapter Goals Progress Report .