Attendance & Participation Scores

It is the responsibility of the Chapter Secretary to record each member's Attendance & Participation scores by the end of each scheduled meeting.

The Chapter President will assign each member a participation score at the end of each scheduled meeting and provide it to the Secretary to be entered into the Attendance & Participation database.  The participation score is on a scale of 0-10, with 10 being the highest.  The participation score is subjective, and entirely up to the President to assign.  However, suggested scoring guidelines are as follows:

Everyone starts with a participation score of 10, but the President deducts points if:
  1. Tasks due prior to the start of the scheduled meeting are completed after the meeting begins
  2. The member does not actively contribute to discussions in a positive manner
  3. The member does not speak during the meeting other than to report his/her portion of the Fund Meeting
  4. The member is not paying attention during the meeting
  5. More points can be deducted for other member conduct that negatively affects the meeting
If a member is unable to complete tasks due prior to the start of the scheduled meeting (Trade Recommendations, Coverage Area Summary, etc) by the time that member's speaking part has come around, the member must automatically receive a participation score of 0 regardless of how active the member was during the meeting.

For the Secretary to enter Attendance & Participation scores:

  1. Go to the Attendance & Participation score database

  2. Log in by selecting your school from the drop-down menu and enter your password
  3. Select the "Performance" tab
  4. Select the day for which the meeting scores will be entered from the calendar
  5. Complete the Attendance score by selecting the proper fields from the various drop-down menus
  6. Complete the Participation score by selecting the score for the member provided by the President
  7. Enter any "Comments" if necessary
  8. Click "Save Performance Data" when done entering scores for all members
  9. Logout

If a member drops out of the Chapter or if a student's name appears in the Attendance & Participation database as active when it should be inactive, please contact so the member can be removed from the system.