Website Editing

The Chapter President will be responsible for maintaining the Chapter Website
  1. Member pictures and bio's will be updated on an as needed basis.  Pictures from community service events and chapter related events may be uploaded to this site
  2. Chapter calendars will be updated to include important event dates and reminders

To edit the Chapter Website, the President will:
  1. Log into the GoogleSite at
  2. Select your chapter site to edit
  3. Click on the "Chapter Info" link
  4. Select the "Edit Page" button
  5. Select the picture or placeholder
  6. Click on "Remove" for the Image and the Link
  7. Select the "Insert" tab
  8. Choose "Image"
  9. Select "Browse" to search for the image you want to upload
  10. Select "Ok"
  11. Ensure that the size of the image is set as close to the placeholder/previous picture as possible
  12. Enter the bio for the chapter member
    • Ensure that the formatting is consistent
  13. Click on "Save"
  14. Repeat the process from Step #4 above to make more edits to the page or signout of the system if you are done