Report Member Scores

The President is responsible for ensuring that all members know what their weekly and cumulative scores are.

  1. Session Reviews submitted by chapter members will be graded by AFA staff.  Grades will be emailed to the President, who will then report scores for the week as well as cumulative Session Review grades to each member. 
  2. The President will report weekly as well as cumulative Attendance & Participation scores to each member.
The President will meet in person with members close to or below the minimum score required to be in good member standing to discuss a course of action to raise performance.

To report Session Review scores, follow the process below:

  1. The Chapter President will log into his/her gmail account
  2. Look for the email sent by AFA Staff titled "Session Review Scores"
  3. Open the Session Review Scores email and read the instructions
  4. Select the "View all images" link
  5. Distribute the scores to the chapter members
    • How the President distributes the scores to members is up to the chapter to decide.  As a default, the President will forward the Session Review Scores email from AFA Staff to all chapter members.
    • If a member does not want their scores to be viewed by other chapter members, the President will ensure that the member's privacy is respected.  The President may distribute the scores while ensuring member privacy through a variety of methods such as sending emails to each member of the chapter, by writing it on paper, telling a member their score, etc.
  6. Log out of gmail when done