It shall be the duty of the President to preside over all meetings and chapter events. The President will ensure that weekly meetings are held in accordance with the agenda outlined in the "How to Run the Meeting" section of this website.

The President is responsible to promote the growth and development of the AFA Chapter on their campus and foster cooperation between their chapter and chapters throughout the state. The President will appoint the Chapter Portfolio Manager and Assistant Portfolio Manager and all committees and will act as ex-officio member of these committees.

The President is responsible for calling each chapter meeting to order at the designated meeting time. The President will conduct all portions of the weekly chapter meeting other than the Fund Meeting, which will be conducted by the Portfolio Manager. The President is responsible for ensuring that all chapter members view the weekly webcast and complete the weekly Session Review.
The President is ultimately responsible for ensuring the Chapter achieves all four of the Chapter Goals. However, the President is only specifically responsible for ensuring the Chapter accomplishes the Education Goal. The President oversees and assists the other three chapter officers with achieving the remaining three Chapter Goals:
  1. President - responsible for the Chapter's Education Goal
  2. Vice-President - responsible for the Chapter's Recruitment Goal
  3. Secretary - responsible for the Chapter's Community Service Goal
  4. Treasurer - responsible for the Chapter's Fundraising Goal 


Education Goal
To achieve the Education goal for the chapter, the President should:
  1. Ensure that at least 70% of all members attend Weekly Training broadcast sessions
    • Work with advisor and members to schedule weekly meeting dates and times to ensure members ability to attend
    • After each Weekly Training meeting the President will assign each member a Participation Score, which will be entered into the Attendance & Participation database by the Secretary.
    • The "Participation Score"  is a number between 1 and 10 (with 10 being the highest score) that you will assign  to each member based upon his or her level of participation in the Weekly Training meeting.  This score is completely at the discretion of the President, and used to ascertain each members' standing in the chapter.
  2. All members score at least 70% on all Session Reviews
    • Try to get all members to complete the Session Reviews on the same day as the Weekly Training meeting
    • Ensure all members complete the Session Review before Monday of the next week, any member not completing their Session Review before Monday will receive a zero for that Session Review
    • Members who missed the Weekly Training meeting are still responsible for watching the Weekly Webcast and completing the Session Review before Monday of the next week.
  3. Notify members who are not in good standing that they must bring their scores up
  4. Ensure that all members participate in the Portfolio Competition
    • Work with the PM to ensure that all Analysts are actively participating in the Fund Meetings and submitting weekly trade recommendations
  5. Ensure that at least one team from your chapter competes in the Stock Pitch Competition
During the first week of each month (or as scheduled on the AFA-HS Calendar), the President will schedule a meeting with the other chapter officers to complete and submit the Monthly Chapter Goals Progress Report for the previous month.
Other Responsibilities
The President also has several other responsibilities including:
  1. Report Member Scores
  2. Add or Delete a Member Account
  3. Maintaining Group Listserves
  4. Chapter Webpage Editing
  5. Maintain Chapter Calendar