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Chapter Bylaws

Article I. Name


Each chapter shall be named with the following convention:  The AKAMAI Finance Academy (“AFA”) “High School Name” Chapter.  For example:  The AKAMAI Finance Academy Mililani High School Chapter; or The AFA Mililani High School Chapter.


Article II. Purpose

  1. The purpose of the AFA is to provide opportunities for students to develop vocational competencies for finance and finance-related occupations as well as business teacher education.  The AFA promotes a sense of “kuleana” (responsibility) for community service and servant leadership, and an awareness and healthy respect for the host culture of Hawaii.
  2. The specific goals of the AFA are to:
    • Increase student awareness of career opportunities in the finance industry.
    • Create a clear, mentored career pathway into the finance industry.
    • Contribute to the improvement of their community through community service related activities.
    • Cultivate relationships with businesses in the community.
    • Develop competent, civic-minded future financial executives.
    • Strengthen the confidence of students in themselves.
    • Promote a sense of fellowship and loyalty among members of the AFA and their school.

Article III. Membership

  1. AFA - HS membership at the middle and high school level shall consist of members of chartered high school chapters. Individual members shall be recognized through a high school chapter of the AFA except, in the case where there is no high school chapter conveniently accessible to a student, the member shall be recognized by the nearest high school chapter.
  2. High school chapters shall be open for membership to these classes of members:
    • Portfolio Manager – There shall be one Portfolio Manager (PM) per Chapter.  The Portfolio Manager shall be responsible for the management of the Chapter’s mock portfolio of funds with the AFA- HS, and preside over the Weekly Fund Meetings wherein the previous week’s, month-to-date, fiscal year-to-date, and inception-to-date performance of the Chapter’s portfolio will be reported in accordance with the Portfolio Manager section of the Officer Roles & Responsibilities.
    • Assistant Portfolio Manager – There shall be one Assistant Portfolio Manager (APM) for Chapters with 7 or more Analysts.  The APM will assist the PM with management of the Chapter’s mock portfolio of funds and other duties as assigned by the PM.
    •  Analysts – All other members of the Chapter shall have membership status of “Analyst” and will be assigned a coverage area as approved by the Portfolio Manager and defined by the Global Industry Classification Standard.
  3. Active Members shall be students who become members while enrolled in middle school, high school, or equivalent, who accept the purpose of the AFA - HS Chapter, subscribe to its creed, demonstrate willingness to contribute to good school-community relations, and maintain minimum required scores as defined by the Member Roles & Responsibilities.  Member attendance and participation scores are entered into the AFA - HS Chapter online database at the conclusion of each scheduled meeting by the Chapter Secretary in accordance with the Officer Roles & Responsibilities as defined in this site.
  4. Active members may participate in statewide events, and otherwise represent their high school chapters as approved by their respective advisers.


Article IV. Dues and Finance

  1. The fiscal year of The AKAMAI Finance Academy High School Chapter shall be July 1 through June 30.
  2. An audit shall be made annually by the auditing committee. 


Article V. Officers and Elections

  1. Officers of the Chapter shall be: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. These officers with the adviser as ex-officio member shall constitute the Executive Committee. Officers shall be elected at the annual meeting and shall hold office for a term of one year or until their successors are elected. Officers shall assume their duties at the close of the meeting at which they were elected.
  2. The Chapter shall have an Adviser who shall be a faculty member from the school. This chapter may have as many special-emphasis groups under the chapter charter as it deems necessary to accommodate the interests of all students and shall assume full responsibility for coordinating the program for these interest groups.
  3. The Chapter may have an Advisory Council, which would consist of educators, alumni, and other area business leaders.


Article VI. Duties of AFA - HS Officers

Section 1. The President shall (a) preside over all meetings of the Chapter, b) appoint all committees and serve as an ex-officio member of these committees, and (c) promote the growth and development of AFA, and (d) appoint the Portfolio Manager and Assistant Portfolio Manager.  The President will ensure that weekly Chapter meetings are conducted in accordance with the Weekly Chapter Meetings section of the AFA High School Chapter Guidelines manual, including in general, 1) call to order/roll call, 2) observing the finance training and/or guest speaker webcasts, 3) conducting the Weekly Fund Meeting, 4) adjournment of the regular meeting for Analyst members and non-officers, and 5) post meeting wrap-up including rebalancing Chapter mock portfolio and distributing related reports, recording Members’ Attendance & Participation Scores, and recording minutes of the meeting.


Section 2. The Vice President shall (a) preside in the absence of the President, and (b) assist the President.


Section 3. The Secretary shall (a) keep an accurate record of the chapter and executive committee meetings, and (b) submit the required reports to the State Chapter.


Section 4. The Treasurer shall (a) act as custodian of the funds of the organization, collect dues, and give financial reports, and b) send the membership list with dues to the State Chapter.


Section 5. The officers shall serve on the Executive Committee, and perform such duties as directed by the President and the Adviser and not inconsistent with these Bylaws or other Rules adopted by the Chapter.


Article VII. Meetings

  1. There must be at least one regular meeting per week during the school year. The meeting scheduled for the first week in the month of May shall be designated as the annual meeting for the purpose of electing officers, receiving reports of officers and committees, and for any other business which may arise. Other meetings may be held as deemed necessary by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee.
  2. Quorum. 60% members of the chapter shall constitute a quorum.


Article VIII. Committees

  1. The President, on consultation with the Adviser, may appoint the following committees: (a) Nominating, (b) Audition, (c) Ways and Means, (d) Social, and (e) Finance and Fund Raising. The President may appoint additional committees as authorized by the Executive Committee. Duties of committees shall be determined by the Executive Committee and the adopted parliamentary authority.
  2. High School chapters may select advisory committees to assist in the growth and development of their respective chapters.


Article IX. Emblems, Insignia & Colors

  1. The High School Chapter emblems shall be the emblems of the high school chapter version of The AKAMAI Finance Academy.
  2. The official emblem and insignia items and designs are described and protected from infringement by registration in the U.S. Patent Office under the Trademark Act of 1946. The manufacture, reproduction, wearing, or display of the emblem shall be governed by the AKAMAI Foundation Board of Directors.
  3. Emblems and insignia shall be uniform in all high school chapters and within special-emphasis groups; they shall be those of the AFA - HS Chapter. Only members in good standing may use official emblems and insignia.
  4. The official colors of AFA shall be Navy Blue and Gold.


Article X. Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the chapter in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the rules of The AKAMAI Finance Academy, these Bylaws, or any special rules of order the chapter may adopt.


Article XI. Amendment of the Bylaws

Amendments to the Bylaws shall be submitted in writing at a regular meeting and shall not be voted on until the following regular meeting. A two-thirds vote of the members present shall be required for adoption.