The Executive Committee is a body comprised of officers and advisors from AFA-HS Chapters across the state and AKAMAI Staff, tasked with serving as the mechanism for ensuring student and advisor input is included in the evolution of the AFA-HS Program. Each Chapter has four primary objectives. Initially, meetings and discussions will be primarily about establishing annual goals and action plans for achieving those goals (Education, Membership, Fundraising, Community Service).


The Executive Committee will have:
  • At least 4 members
  • At most 12 members
  • 4 officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, & Treasurer)
  • Up to 8 Directors
All Executive Committee members will be nominated and elected in accordance with the AFA-HS Calendar.  In order to be eligible for Executive Committee elections all nominees must also be officers in their respective AFA-HS Chapters.  The Executive Committee will have 3 seats for each officer type such that it is composed of  3 Chapter Presidents, 3 Chapter Vice Presidents, 3 Chapter Secretaries, and 3 Chapter Treasurers.  For each officer position the Executive Committee nominee who receives the most votes will be the Executive Committee officer for that position with the other two elected members acting as directors.

The executive committee will be divided into four committees with each committees aligned with on of the four chapter goals (Education Committee, Membership Committee, Fundraising Committee, Community Service Committee).  Executive Committee members will be assigned to a committee based on the chapter goal they are responsible for in their AFA-HS Chapter.


All AFA-HS Chapters will submit a Monthly Chapter Goals Progress Report to the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee will meet at least once a month to report and discuss the progress achieved toward the four chapter goals by all chapters.  Executive Committee meetings will be held via Skype during the second week of each month, as scheduled by the Executive Committee President.