EPS & Stock Pitch

The Earnings Per Share (EPS)  & Stock Pitch Competition, is a statewide research competition open to all AFA-HS members.  Each AFA-HS chapter must enter at least one team to compete in the EPS & Stock Pitch competition each year.

For the competition students will: 
  • Use the Bloomberg Pro system to conduct financial analysis and research on a company that operates in Hawaii, as assigned by the State Chapter
  • Build a financial model connecting the dots between Revenues, Expenses, Net Income, Earnings Per Share, P/E Multiple, and Stock Price
  • Articulate research findings, EPS forecast, and projected stock price target by building an Analyst Research Report and companion Pitch Book
  • Present findings to a panel of judges from the finance industry
Participants in the competition must submit a Letter of Intent to compete by the deadline as set by the State Chapter and posted on the AFA-HS Calendar.  Students may compete individually, or as a team consisting of no more than three total members.  Students who choose to compete will receive training in addition to the training given during the regular weekly webcast.  Students will receive all of the training necessary to compete in the EPS & Stock Pitch Competition through the supplemental webcasts.

If you have any questions or comments please email staff@akamaifinanceacademy.com 

Training Videos & Session Quizzes

Final Training Videos

Stock Price Charts.wmv

Stock Pitch - EEO & Executive Summary.wmv

Stock Pitch Target Price.wmv

Stock Pitch Competition Revenue Segmentation.wmv

Rather than a Session Quiz, please email your finished charts to c.brady@akamaifoundation.org

Session 8 - SWOT Analysis

Stock Pitch Session 8 SWOT Analysis.wmv

Session 7

Stock Pitch Session 7.1 - Charts Revenue, Growth, Op Inc.wmv

Session 5

Stock Pitch Session 5 - Building the Model.wmv

Stock Pitch Session 4.5 - Homework.wmv

Stock Pitch Session 4.4 - Top 5 Institutional Holders.wmv

Stock Pitch Session 4.3 - Consensus Price Chart.wmv

Stock Pitch Session 4.2 - ANR Overview Chart.wmv

Stock Pitch Session 4.1 - Intro & ANR Screen.wmv

Session 3 Quiz

Stock Pitch Session 3.5 - Homework.wmv

Stock Pitch Session 3.4 - The EPS Model Overview.wmv

Stock Pitch Session 3.3 - Wages and Benefits Expense.wmv

Stock Pitch Session 3.2 - Jet Fuel Expense.wmv

Stock Pitch Session 3.1 - Expenses.wmv

Stock Pitch Session 2.2 Homework and Review.wmv

Stock Pitch Session 2.1 Revenues.wmv

Stock Pitch Session 1 - Annual Report and Investor Relations.wmv

Stock Pitch Session 1 - 10-K.wmv